Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights

Wearable weights are a great addition to your home workout! Effortlessly enhance your fitness with a free and comfortable range of motion. Target and isolate muscles, making them work smarter AND harder.

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Ankle Weights
  • Dancer Legs - Long and Strong - Burn with Shannon

    This quickie will give you that juicy burn and tone your legs ultra long & strong. This traditional Barre class is full of back to back ballet drills. You will strengthen and tone all the muscles, big and small in the legs from the hips down.

  • Leg Day 02 with Ashley

    It's functional and high rep still to deliver amazing tone, conditioning, stamina and sculpt!

  • BootyCamp 02 with Shannon

    A glute focused quick and dirty burn delivers the strength and functionality you've been looking for, plus a little lift as an added bonus.