21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

3 Seasons

Thoughtfully designed to gently build your fitness and take you on a fun, inspiring journey. Download the challenge calendar for extra wellness tips, challenge guidance and accountability.

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21 Day Challenge
  • A Little Cheeky One with Kristen

    Episode 1

    3D glute training for the cheapest butt lift around! Quick so it's great to layer your workouts with or for those focused on booty gains.

  • Cardio Core 01 with Shannon

    Episode 2

    Hops n bops interspersed with deep strengthening movements provide truly, the full exercise experience. This brilliant mix is an extremely functional style of both cardio and core training, great for all levels and amazing cross over for everyday life activities and sports.

  • Yoga Straddle Flow 01 with Kristen

    Episode 3

    Mini flows help prep for the deep stretch holds followed by soothing counter poses. A fun little sequence with some great ideas to enhance your seated split!

  • Barreless 05 with Catlin

    Episode 4

    Nicknamed 'BootyCamp,' expect to build strength, improve cardio and enjoy a musically driven, Barre inspired workout! By taking ballet barre conditioning movements and doing them off the barre you can expect a bold, steady push to slay a well rounded workout! This sneakily soft practice shocks wi...

  • The Best Stretch: Wrists & Shoulders with Kailey

    Episode 5

    A focus on wrist and shoulders will aid in tension and melt stress away. You'll notice better postured and a more relaxed feeling after every time- save this one for repeat!

  • Lower Body Pilates 01 with Ashley

    Episode 6

    This is a pilates fitness fusion class that provides a perfect deep core and lower body workout. You can expect to get stronger, longer and more mobile in this class, with a focus on the connection between core muscles, pelvic floor and spinal and hip mobility. Lots of options are provided for al...

  • Pilates Core & Up 03 with Kristen

    Episode 7

    Practical and fun Pilates movements mixed with breathing techniques, will help you slay that six pack, strengthen back muscles and tone your arms! You'll get stronger, longer and more mobile in this workout, with a focus on BOTH the 'lookin buff muscles' as well as the functional muscles. In true...