21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

3 Seasons

Thoughtfully designed to gently build your fitness and take you on a fun, inspiring journey. Download the challenge calendar for extra wellness tips, challenge guidance and accountability.

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21 Day Challenge
  • Alive On Demand 21 Day Challenge Fitness Tracker - Download & Print

    82.6 KB

    Download and print the 21 Day Challenge Fitness Tracker! It includes a 21 day calendar outlining your weekly goals PLUS an information guide which supports your challenge through 21 days offering wellness info, tips and accountability.

  • The Best Stretch 03 with Kristen

    Episode 1

    Perfect for anyone who wants a succinct, straight to the point stretch! Simple moves and no lengthy time commitment. Perfect for after a run, lunch break, or a day at the desk. You'll stretch out all the major muscle groups every class while giving your mind some peace & quiet.

  • Pilates Flow 01 with Kristen

    Episode 2

    Expect to get stronger, longer and more mobile in this workout, with a focus on core muscles, pelvic floor and spinal and hip mobility. Lots of options are provided for all levels and all abilities, no Pilates experience is necessary. In true Alive style this class will give you a great fitness ...

  • Barre Butt 04 with Shannon

    Episode 3

    It's all the best glute work taken out of a barre class and done in 20 minutes. Yes you'll cringe, burn and grimace - and then smile, feel on the top of the world and pat yourself on your new firm booty.

  • Seated Stretch 01 with Kristen

    Episode 4

    Perfect for a quick release anytime of day. Great options to add into work seated at your desk or revisit a couple before bed.

  • 360 Core 03 with Ashley

    Episode 5

    A spicy combination of functional core and body weight conditioning. This class will work on lengthening and strengthening all the muscles in the trunk, from the "lookin' buff" 6 pack to the deep supportive inner core.

  • Barre Flow 04 with Kristen

    Episode 6

    Soulful music challenges your body in a different way as we make expressive shapes and complete graceful combos with sweepy lines throughout this Barre class. By slowing movements down, integrating stretches and holds and enjoying this almost lyrical dance feel, you'll feel insanely conditioned i...

  • Yoga Sculpt 01 with Kristen

    Episode 7

    Enjoy the length, strength and mindfulness of Yoga complimented with the extra toning, strength and conditioning of adding weights. It’s fun & playful, it's sweaty and it's total bliss by the end.