With an extensive fitness and dance background, you can feel the passion and soul vibrating through this mini mighty vessel in every class. Paige curates the whole experience for you, from innovative movements, musicality, rhythm and an ability to work that camera like you're actually in the room, you're left, well... in love (with both Paige and what you've been able to express).

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  • Dancer Arms with Paige

    Build ridiculous mobility, tone and length in your arms with this dancer approved low/no weight workout.

  • Precision Sculpt with Paige

    Calculated small movements provide max burn! This Barre Fusion class has you taking those articulate, precise movements signature to Barre and Dancer sculpting and merging them into a fitness forward approach. It's subtle looking movements you'll feel big time!

  • Lower Body Tone with Paige

    Functional legs n booty workout! Leave no muscle un-toned, including ones you didn't even know you had.